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Entdecken Diane/Diana: Newly returned to Sharks after a long pause
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Entdecken Diane/Diana: Newly returned to Sharks after a long pause

Some time ago in Sharks, two years ago approximately (?), I often used to sit in the area adjacent to where the rear gaming table is today, the zone of chairs and couches where girls like Ramona, Shirin, Senna, Inka and a few others normally sit. In those days, this area was also where a very attractive young and vivacious bleached blonde-haired girl named Diane (or Diana) would sit. She definitely caught my eye and was on my to-do list, especially as I would observe her very pleasant looks and demeanour as well as her excellent acquisition approach where she would spend a decent time on the couch interacting with potential customers in a “touchy -feely” manner. But I never got the chance for a test room because she suddenly disappeared from Sharks and for many months I didn't see her again…that is until this year when she, like several other well-known Sharks girls of the past, returned to Sharks in 2024 after a long break/hiatus.
A few weeks ago, I was at the bar in front of “the German Corner” waiting for a drink, when I noticed a dark-haired girl sitting on a bar stool next to me, a girl whose face looked vaguely familiar to me: It was Diane, no longer with hair dyed blonde, but now with her natural hair color. We started talking and she was very nice and relaxed, never pushing for a ZG like so many (too many???) other girls do after about 12.5-seconds of chat time. During this talk with Diane at the bar, she would offer some caresses, lean into me, even a few kisses on the cheek. These pre-room indications suggested that she might well offer a high level of closeness and personal intimacy if I were to share a room with her. Also very positive: When I finally asked her prices, she right away said 100/30, 150/60…none of this price-gouging bullshit that's going around with some other girls. So with no apparent red flags, I took her upstairs for a 150/60 debut room.
In the room: I would rate it a good ZG, maybe slightly above average, but not the fireworks and deep connection that I seek and enjoy with other girls. For whatever reason(s), I felt she was holding herself back a bit. I tried but couldn't accomplish the level of closeness that was hinted at during our pre-room talk at the bar. Maybe I mistakenly interpreted her at the bar. Maybe I misjudged. It can happen. In the room, my attempts at ZK were met with her turning her head away or she just tried to kiss with a closed mouth. Don't get me wrong: It was still a good ZG and I've had more than a few that were worse. Her oral wasn't bad at all, but I've for sure had better. She was not restrictive during sex positions either. So I can't complain too much…expect that I expected more but the reality fell short. Maybe it's my fault for going into the room with too high expectations?
 Whatever the case, it was a pleasant experience, but not enough for me to immediately repeat. I believe, with better personal chemistry it might be better… If you like her looks and get a good vibe, then go for it with Diane. But if you pass, you will NOT have missed a spectacular…but that is just my opinion.

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