Avoid posting so much information that it becomes a safety risk She may be reluctant to come forward if you share too much personal information about her You dont need to hire an expensive private investigator Use a combination of offline and online social networks to find the person without invading his privacy If you dont see who youre looking for remove some of the information to widen your search for example remove school or hobbies Social Networks are a good place to look when searching for people Whether its someone you met yesterday or someone you lost track of in high school theres a good chance they are on a social network But which one Commercial services like those at myIDcom and Reputationcom offer to do it for you but for a price Removing yourself from an online database does not remove the information fully from the Internet if it was culled from a public record it just removes your listing from that particular site Although it may seem creepy Spokeo and similar peoplefinder databases on the Web claim they get their aggregated data from publicly accessible sources like phone listings and realestate records Combined with our stateoftheart technology extensive investigative resources and regular training make us the best Search for maiden name as well as married name If youre daunted by this research job there are companies willing to do the work for you The privacy software startup Abine charges 99 a year for quarterly reports detailing the information available about you online Most of us have people who share our first and last names and wonder what else we have in common Pros can help consumers cope The best known is Reputationcom which charges 99 a year for its MyPrivacy service to identify remove and keep your information off the Web and out of commercial databases The task is easier if youre looking for someone with a unique name trying to find the Joe Smith with whom you attended high school 40 years ago is likely to be much more difficult than locating a firstgrade pal

Many privacy experts worry that companies will use this data against users perhaps to deny insurance coverage or assign a higher interest rate on a loan You can expect to find everything from street addresses to pictures or any blog or forum posts Some of those tools actually even search through amazon wish lists If you run across folks online you want to know more about often search a ton of engines for someones name with the Who Is This Person Firefox extension With the Internet it is easy to find people for free If you have a public profile on a socialnetworking site information may be included as well The best sites use various algorithms to sort through data eliminating errors and duplications But mistakes are inevitable To make use of a real tool to get people at no cost you can search for virtually every detail that you might have Sport teams employers not surprisingly their own name

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