Private online databases typically dont generate their own information but rather aggregate public databases combining homepurchase information salary marriages and divorces traffic violations relatives names and liens judgments and bankruptcies Many sites including Google and news outlets are in the information business and may be unwilling to remove it especially if its truthful Where are you most likely to discover him or her Greater information you have or gather the simpler it is to get much more There are many ways to protect individuals and their finances over the Internet especially in dealing with investments Pros can help consumers cope The best known is Reputationcom which charges 99 a year for its MyPrivacy service to identify remove and keep your information off the Web and out of commercial databases Consider these Where did you leave traces Have you comment on blogs Join web sites Take part in newsgroups Those are only a several examples however you is able to see where this can be going In some cases it is easy to find people for free using the special tool provided by Google the Blog Search Social Networks are a good place to look when searching for people Whether its someone you met yesterday or someone you lost track of in high school theres a good chance they are on a social network But which one Such as in a school hospital financial institution airport and government Many sites say that they guarantee certain information but that promise often adds qualifiers like information included when available Run keyword searches of your name address phone numbers and other identifying data and see what turns up Many Web sites offer limited personal information free like confirmation of an individuals name age location and family members To encourage you to pay youre enticed with the prospect of juicier information for a onetime or subscription fee Such as in a school hospital financial institution airport and government

A private investigator or private detective is a person who can be hired by individuals or groups to undertake investigatory law services Check preemployment and new hires If your friend has a very common name try searching by other things you know about them what school they went to what city they live in etc While theres still no killer onestop people search there are more ways than ever to track down a longlost friend stalk an ex or screen a potential date or employee You may make use of this fact to look for people without cost Most of them do not arrest criminals or put them in custody If you have a public profile on a socialnetworking site information may be included as well

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