Post your story You might not be able to find a person without knowing her last name Put your friends family and the entire Internet to work for you Many sites say that they guarantee certain information but that promise often adds qualifiers like information included when available Pros can help consumers cope The best known is Reputationcom which charges 99 a year for its MyPrivacy service to identify remove and keep your information off the Web and out of commercial databases To make use of a real tool to get people at no cost you can search for virtually every detail that you might have Sport teams employers not surprisingly their own name If someone else posted information you want removed youll have to reach out to that person A friend on Facebook may agree to delete an unflattering photo of you There are many government groups that protect our privacy and be safe on the Internet The Federal Trade Commission FTC stresses that protecting individuals social security number while dealing with things on the Internet is very important Verify property value Avoid posting so much information that it becomes a safety risk She may be reluctant to come forward if you share too much personal information about her In order to reestablish your connection to an old business contact or even a colleague of an earlier employer youll be able to find people totally free with a special database for job listings like Jobster Marketers employers suitors and even thieves and stalkers are piecing together mosaics of who we are Even when it is accurate it may not present a pretty picture Using social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook give you several ways to find people without knowing a last name If you have a public profile on a socialnetworking site information may be included as well Contractor Background Check

Run keyword searches of your name address phone numbers and other identifying data and see what turns up There is the only weak spot on our strategy especially persons who never had experience of the Internet are very hard to be found If you dont see who youre looking for remove some of the information to widen your search for example remove school or hobbies If you have an idea of a possible workplace or a spouses name search for those as well There are many ways to protect individuals and their finances over the Internet especially in dealing with investments In addition to standard search engines try affinity and social networking sites where the person may have registered like Classmatescom Facebook Twitter MySpace and LinkedIn If you run across folks online you want to know more about often search a ton of engines for someones name with the Who Is This Person Firefox extension

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