Great care is required to remain within the scope of the law otherwise the investigator may face criminal charges Simply highlight the name on any web page and look em up on Wink LinkedIn Wikipedia Facebook Google News Technorati Yahoo Person Search Spock WikiYou ZoomInfo IMDB MySpace and other engines from the Who Is This Person context menu item If you dont get the person you are looking for try variations of the name such as removing the last name or using a nickname Also try location to help narrow the search results Getting an online publisher or a data broker a company that buys data from other companies and then sells it to companies that collect it to remove content especially if its truthful and legal can be tricky There are many ways to protect individuals and their finances over the Internet especially in dealing with investments Search by a persons full name at ZoomInfo and when you get too many results filter them by geography US and Canada only Combined with our stateoftheart technology extensive investigative resources and regular training make us the best The Web is used to harass and even stalk former lovers or the rich and famous If someone doesnt want to make contact with you drop it and move on As more of our social lives shopping sprees and dating misadventures take place online we leave behind purposely or not a growing supply of personal information Detectives who work for retail stores or hotels are responsible for controlling losses and protecting assets Other illegal conduct within marriage to establish grounds for a divorce If your friend has a very common name try searching by other things you know about them what school they went to what city they live in etc Make sound life decisions for you your family and your home with this information

If someone else posted information you want removed youll have to reach out to that person A friend on Facebook may agree to delete an unflattering photo of you Many sites including Google and news outlets are in the information business and may be unwilling to remove it especially if its truthful Remember that if you are on a social network only post information and photos you are comfortable having people see Abine also dug up a funny privacy rant I posted on a technical help forum a few years ago Otherwise there wasnt much of interest If you want to try to manage privacy the obvious first place to start is with the search engines Google Bing and Yahoo exactly where other people will most likely go to check you out Methods of compromise can range from the gathering of statistics on users to more malicious acts such as the spreading of spyware and various forms of bugs software errors exploitation If you know information about their hometown or school try including that in the search as well

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