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So I went to meet  STELLA *ONLY THERE FOR A SHORT TIME** today, based on her photos, services ZK/AV, and body description 170cm, 65KG from ladies, also when I texted her on WhatsApp and she told me 100 Euro für 30 Minuten and 150 Euro für 60 Minuten with extra blowjob also on top of the ZK I was expecting so much,   

after that when i went to meet her and she opened the door, I saw totally different woman not 170cm she was a maximum 160cm and for sure more than 65KG I just wanted to tell her I would come back later and never back, but it was late and no other lady in Darmstadt, Frankfaurt or Offenband 

I really don't know what happened after Corona!! and where all the pretty sweet girls went after Corona i used to go to Frankfurt Red Street and find top models looking girls for 30 top 50 i was getting the best of the best services with the nicest, friendliest girls ever, I really miss those times.  

sham now for 100 130 150 200 I get below average, fake with attitude, laying girls, it's not once or twice that this happened to me it's most of the time nowadays, I joined this forum to read and check reviews and comments before I go to meet some girl, but sadly  STELLA didn't have any reviews here so i went to try my luck especially no other girls right now in Darmstadt are worth going too with these crazy prices, even in FKK sharks I was there before a couple of days also nothing good or if a girl looks nice she has attitude.

so back to STELLA  topic, she also had a small cute dog called Nina start playing with me when I came into the room this was the only one thing good that happened,

so  STELLA don't look like the photos at all maybe 20 years ago maybe,  she is not 170CM for sure when we started she told me she wanted extra 404ZK real intensive ZK, I told her 30 ok and it was really bad ZK, after that we start ZK for 10 sec then she wanted to start extra blowjobs but she started normal one and I told her what are u doing and I was very angry at the moment because she is laying about everything she told me or posted but she told me ok, after that we started sex and she told me to come on top because she can't do anything on top she is old lady I'm not shaming her for that but don't lay to people " 25 years"  from here ladies post !!!! after 4 5 min here phone start ringing also she told me on min ok!! I'm done with her im very angry now know she's come back i told her let do doggy and finish with this she told me ok we only have 5 min OMG she was realllly bad and fake, i tried my best to finish when I was angry and out of the mod to be done with her and just leave out from there 

overall she don't look like her photos form ladies at all, fake misleading info NOT 170CM, i like Nina her dog more than her also STELLA  is moody and bossy, WTH i wasted 130 for nothing don't go absolutely not recommended and FAKE    

GV: 1
ZK: -100
AV: I don't know she offers but won't ever do it with her
BJ: 0
GF6: -100
Erotic Mod: -100
Chemie: -100
Bewertung: -100
wieder besuchen: -100% 


DON'T GO!!!!

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