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Entdecken Camilla (MD)
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Entdecken Camilla (MD)

Visited on 2023.12.19

After a decent session with another Moldovan, Emily (25), I sat down to drink my post-coital beer. The thin girl I had seen early, sat down later across the bar from me. She waved and then motioned me to come over to her (sort of unusual, but part of her sales tactic I guess). I sat down and saw that she had a really pretty face. Camilla (MD, 22 I think) is small and thin, 158cm/40kg with black hair and nice small breasts (and of course, cute tiny ass).

After the usual banter, she stood up, took her towel off so I could carress her thin body (while she was touching my cock). Again a good sales tactic as I was hooked that second, holding her tiny firm body. And I did something I normally don't do -- used the ATM at the club to withdraw money (I just worry about skimmers, high fees, etc.) BTW, my statement shows an $11 ATM fee, which there was no warning about. But in my defense, I was horny for this girl. ;-)

Pro tip: carry a debit card just for ATM transactions and only transfer funds to it as needed. That way, any theives only have access to very limited funds, and if the card is compromised, you can freeze it without impacting your main accounts.

In the room, she was a bit more agreesive with sex, and was stroking me and then later a BJ, while having me finger her (deep), and kept pusing my hand in deeper. After making me super hard, she road me (and said she was trying to make me super horny). Was so hard not to explode. After awhule, she went to finish me off with a covered BJ. Was super awesome experience. More like PSE and GFE.

NB, she wont do 69 -- doesnt like to be licked.

She explained that she didn't do a lot of positions with me, as she had seen me have a room with another girl, and that with an older man like me, she needed to make me very horny and not take to long to make me come, as the longer an older man goes, the harder it can be to finish. And she is right about that -- after having one session, I can last a long time during a second, but it can get to the point where I cannot finish (warning to young guys about the impacts of age). Very frustrating, but true.

Rating 11/10 -- I would defenitely do her again.

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