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Entdecken Leni - Bg: small body, big heart
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Entdecken Leni - Bg: small body, big heart

Saturday night 28 November I was in seemingly endless queue to get a drink at the bar when I noticed a small blonde girl standing next to me also waiting her turn for a drink. She started talking to me, making chit chat while at the same time touching me in a pleasant and provocative manner. Occasionally she would even reach under my towel to stroke my balls lightly with her fingernails, giggling as she did so. She kept distracting me from ordering my drink so the whole process took longer than it should have…but it wa a nice distraction. Eventually we both got our drinks and as she kept talking and tempting me with her touching and leaning into me, even bringing her head close cheek to cheek, I ended up following her to her sitting place in the back deep end of the so-called “Deutsche Ecke”, not the end where Sammi sits but the other end with back seats where Marina LV sometimes sits. We were against the wall and there was a group of 3-4?Indian guys standi shoulder to shoulder facing the bar so it was like a wall that cut us off from the rest of the club and created a small quiet bubble. Where we could continue our getting to know each other in a mor intimate fashion. She kept up her light touching and arousing the fire in my balls, all the time leaning into me sometimes brushing her lips against mine or pushing the tip of her nose against mine, forehead to forehead, as she whispered erotic suggestions of what she wanted to do with me and specifically to me in the room. Her prices: 100/30, 150/60. Game on!
 Everything so far made my inner voice shout at me: This girl is so genuine and real, she will deliver a top notch “gfe” experience…and as things unfolded my inner voice was on point!
Now I wouldn’t describe her physically as a top beauty stunner, nor did she have what most of us would see as a top body, but she was really cute, more like an ex- gymnast’s body. Pretty face, great eyes that should look deeply into mine as she spoke, pinned up blonde hair. She was late 20s, and only a tiny 1.50cms when she took off her heels. Many might describe her under the vague and unspecific term “GND” but I would say: very cute woman with a great acquisition technique and a great super empathetic attitude.

In room this was all proved true beyond any expectations. She was totally sweet and full of heart and loving. Deep kissing with tongue play, very long and playful-varied blowjob, sex any way you want it and she kept try to keep me on edge without letting me cum until I couldn’t take it any longer. Explosion in Reverse Cowgirl will be the name of my next book… if I ever write one. At one point I looked at my watch and we were almost at the hour mark, but she said don’t worry about the exact time, just focus on enjoyment. When we finally ended up and went down to pay boxes, we were 10-12 minutes over the 60mins but she just wanted 150, which she took with a big smile and deep long embrace and another little dfk with a wink in her eye. What a total winner this girl is.

Lastly, this whole experience is a lesson to me. It reminds me that there is so much diversity both good and bad in a club like Sharks with a huge LU on a peak night. Some girls will quote you high prices like 150/30 or 200/60 and then deliver a dud or lack luster performance. Other girls are true angels and will give you great revive mixed with unspoken intamacy for 100/30, 150/60. In this case tonight I was reminded of how important personal chemistry can be towards a great Zimmer. Leni just exuded chemistry between us from the start. It was low-hanging fruit. Sure there were many girls that topped her in terms of sheer optics. But for me at least a girl’s attitude and chemistry which almost always is a blinking neon sign towards great service in the room tops and is more important to me than just optics. I now firmly believe that if zu cannot achieve good chemistry with a girl within the first 5 minutes of pre- Zimmer talk, then I just move on…. But that’s just me. Each of us has a different game plan…

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