Full Version: Entdecken Good Party, Good Ambience, Bad Room but good management
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Entdecken Good Party, Good Ambience, Bad Room but good management

I was at the White Party at Oase on Friday. The party was really good with good white ambience, very good food with pizza, around 40 girls, good DJ n sauna as well.
I met Nelly whom I was with last time, she introduced me to her friend Amy (former Amalia, Bahamas n Atlanta club). They asked me to try threesome, as it was party time i decided to go for a trio with good zk, full gfe with 100/30 each and 200/30 min in total. I have tried both girls single previously (Nelly at Oase and Amy/Amalia at Bahamas and Atlanta) and it was good but taking them together was a bad idea. 
At first everything went smoothly but after 15 minutes, they told me only 3 minutes left. I told them it has just been 15 minutes and I have more 15 minutes. They tried to cheat me and mood was off. Then I told them lets go to reception and talk about this because I didn't want to pay 200e for 15 mins and a bad mood.
The reception and management checked the camera for timings and listened to me and asked to pay just 50e to each and 100e in total. 
I am happy with the management. Any such cheating incidents should be told the management as they will support you if you are right.
Overall good party going in Oase but sometimes these things happen.